LPG Gas Heaters

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LPG gas heaters are highly efficient, providing large volumes of heat quickly; they are ideal for use in well ventilated areas, such as warehouses, foundries, etc. See the full list of features of LPG Gas Heaters and request a quote below.


  • Automatic built-in LPG burner
  • Safety thermostat
  • Thermal flame detector (M)
  • Electronic flame-control by an ionisation electrode (A)
  • Power cord with plug (0,3 m GP10 – GP18; 1,5 m GP30 – GP45 – GP65 – GP85 – GP105)
  • Piezoelectric ignition (M)
  • Set to be connected to a thermostat or a humidistat or a timer (A)
  • Low supply voltage control (GP105A)

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